Who IS Neal Veglio?

Neal Who Am I photoUnfortunately, Wikipedia has no answer, so I’m just going to have to come up with this crap myself….. 

I can currently be heard on the radio at Jack Fm Berkshire, co hosting “The Morning Glory” with my colleague, Robin Banks.  Other than this, I’m also a writer, open format DJ, and voice artist.

If you want me to turn up at your event, or party, you can now book me for that, and at massively reasonable rates. To enquire about a booking, email me through the link on this page.

If you want to know a little bit more about my background, you can read on, by scrolling below.
In the early to mid 90s, I hosted radio shows in various markets in the UK,  and began writing ‘bits’ for others. If you’re in the UK, you’ll have maybe also heard my work as a voice artist, hawking such brands as that bed company that sells memory foam mattresses, that car company that’s offering 299.9% APR, and whatever nightclub all your listeners frequent once they’ve put the kiddy-winks to bed. On the TV, I’ve more recently been heard as the voice of the Postman in that Madbid advert. Creepy anorak radio forums once enjoyed referring to me as the most fired disc-jockey in British radio, mostly due to my then maverick on-air style. Under a number of different aliases,  I’ve hosted talk shows on several radio stations in the UK including talkSPORT, London’s Capital Radio, and, years ago, digital radio in the US. I once enjoyed a year hosting a syndicated show called “Minutes of Mayhem” on  BT Digital Music Awards 2010 radio station of the year,“UKHDRADIO”, which was syndicated on several other online networks including “TalkRadioX”, “The All Digital Radio Network” and Spanish FM station, “Cool FM” in Benidorm. I’m also seventy percent through writing my debut novel “The Mourning DJ,” which is about the ridiculous world of British media, and is pretty much based on my own experiences, but with the names changed to save myself getting sued.
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