Paul Walker Didn’t Die In A Car Wreck


I’m not a huge conspiracy theorist guy. I can assure you, I’m NOT a crazy, whacky, tin foil hat wearing, lizard fearing fanatic, and Paul Walker Didn’t Die In A Car Wreck.

I don’t believe in using ‘conspiracy theorist’ as a way to describe me. That’s become something of a catch-all word to describe anyone who doesn’t, by default, buy into the largely agenda-driven mainstream news which is rammed down our throats on a daily basis. I prefer to describe myself as ‘inquisitive’.

I also don’t believe every conspiracy I stumble across.

Am I suspicious of the circumstances surrounding September 11th? Yes.

Do I question the facts surrounding the London bombings of 7/7? Yes.

Do I buy into the fact that there’s something slightly sinister about the way Hollywood operates? Yes.

Do I believe that the Royal Family and other notable elite members of the establishment, are shape-shifting reptiles? No.


I, like most sensible people, start with the needle on ‘cynical’, and then pull over to fill up on truth, whenever I see it.

For me to believe something, I have to see evidence, read proof, or experience it first hand.

I believe in ghosts, because I’ve lived with one. I believe in UFOs because I’ve seen one. At least, I believe I have. And I believe it strongly enough to believe in their existence. I don’t expect you to believe in the existence of either, because you probably haven’t. I don’t believe in God, just because I’ve been told about him. It takes more than written anecdotes. If I’m going to change my entire belief system, then you’d best have something more concrete than “Well, John said so.” Like my mum used to orate when I had muddy clothes after Big Barry Carlton would shamelessly bash me into the dirt in the nearby school field, “Stop telling tales.”

So, it’s safe to say, I have a fairly black and white outlook on life.

Individuality is one of our greatest human gifts. The ability to form an opinion for ourselves, and not simply follow the herd. It’s literally what seperates us from animals.

For the record, the fall of the World Trade Center towers was, for me, as much the result of an attack from Middle Eastern terrorists hijacking planes, as Dr David Kelly killed himself, just as he was about to give evidence damning the United Kingdom’s case for invading Iraq. I know it wasn’t, because I’ve seen evidence. In court cases, jurors are told to only convict when they’re beyond all reasonable doubt of the guilt of the defendant. There’s no middle ground here. I’m the same about ‘conspiracies.’ If you can show me beyond all reasonable doubt, that what we’re being told by the mainstream media about the death of Paul Walker is the truth, then I’ll buy into the story.

Before I go into this, I want to make it clear that this article isn’t a suggestion of an alternative theory, or even a belief of the hows and whys. I don’t know how, and I don’t know why. All I know is what didn’t.

Let’s skip right past the various claims that the story which broke on Sunday was a full day later than a supposed internet hoax claiming the “Fast and Furious” actor had already died which was later exposed as false. Let’s also skip past the various given reasons for why anyone would want to ‘take him out’, which you can read at your leisure, here.

I’m not in a position to offer an informed judgement on any accusations of charity corruption, or shady entertainment business goings on, or even the ludicrous idea that he wanted to just fake his death to spend more time having a normal life with his family.

Here’s an email that I received which tipped me off about the apparent glaring arrogance which has seemingly been displayed by his ‘illuminati’ enlisted co-star.walkeremail




And here are the tweets he’s referrring to.






If you want to check out his page for yourself, you can, by just clicking on it.










I’m not even going to begin getting into that. I mean, I have no proof that that’s not just bullshit attention-seeking Hollywood bravado. An opportunity to rile up a few jerky boys as we know all latin boys like to do.

No, that’s not my fight here.

I’m more interested in the bullshit that TMZ have been up to. They not only posted the hoax of his death a day before, they’ve also passed off as genuine video footage, quite possibly one of the most blatant attempts at viral marketing I’ve ever seen.

In case you haven’t seen it, check this out, and then we’ll get our heads together and discuss it more, after the jump.

Honestly, I don’t know where to start with this.

First of all, I don’t believe for one minute, that those were just regular members of the public. They knew to be there, at that exact moment. They’re prepped for the part. They’re excited. They’re almost laughing around, like you do when you know you’re about to perform. We saw the same stuff before with the Sandy Hook press conference.

I’ve witnessed a car wreck before. It was on the M4, near London. A girl had hit the central reservation, at had crumpled her car up pretty bad. I pulled over nearby, put my hazard lights on to warn oncoming traffic that the lane was out, and then I got out of my car, making sure to get as close to the barrier as possible. Yes, it was a stupid thing to do, but I did what most people would: put this person’s life first.

I saw a woman in distress, possibly trapped, in a car that had just had an accident, and I wanted to get her out of there, as easily and quickly as possible. I also picked up my phone, and I dialled 999, to request an ambulance and police traffic assistance.

Do you know what I didn’t do? Pull out my phone and begin filming, while speculating on the condition of the driver. If you didn’t have forethought there was a celebrity in the car, would you instinctively begin taping, just in case the video had a chance of going viral?

Observe the way the video spends most of the time pointing at the floor, almost like we’re required to not capture too much of the scene, and take in the sinister circumstances surrounding it.

Now let’s look at the specifics of the accident itself.

We’re told that the Porsche Carrera they were in, hit a tree at speed, and that’s what caused the car to explode.

Having looked at several angles at the publicly released photo of this wreck, I can tell you that whatever happened to this car, wasn’t caused by a tree, or even being hit.

Look at it.



That’s no high-speed car crash wreckage.




THIS is a high-speed car crash wreck1







So’s this.

ferrari car wreck







What’s that, you say? It hit a tree, so it’s not the same impact?


Hmm, ok, you got me there. Wait, you’d accept a steel pole is tougher than a tree, right? Ok, well how about this, then. Does this look anything like the wreck left by Paul Walker’s vehicle?









But Mayhem, it caught fire! Oh, why didn’t you remind me earlier?

Check out this photo of a post-blaze Fiat Punto, which is smaller and less robust than a one-hundred-thousand-plus dollar super car, designed to minimise high speed damage, and let’s see if THAT looks like Paul Walker’s car?








Let’s take it a little more ‘extremist’, shall we? How about an Iraqi car bomb?


car bomb






Crumbs! Now that really DOES look familiar, doesn’t it?


Oh, and one final thought.

If a super car hits a tiny sad excuse for a shrub at ‘high speed’, wouldn’t the tree be at least a tiny bit ‘hungover’?

It was in this case. And this was no Porsche.

Neal Mayhem
By Neal Mayhem

5 Responses to Paul Walker Didn’t Die In A Car Wreck

  1. Christine Rose Infanger says:

    So do you think Walker wasn't in the car? That the passers by we're setting him up, knowing the car would crash/catch fire? Why would anyone want to take him out when they could go after Kim Kardashian, instead?

  2. Neal Mayhem says:

    I think he WAS in the car. But I don't think he crashed into a tree.
    I suspect the car was blown up, and he may have already been dead.
    Also, I don't know that Kim Kardashian poses any real threat. She's
    just super annoying.

  3. The Carrera GT is not necessarily designed to withstand high-speed impact. It's a lightweight carbon fiber car, and those things shatter on impact. These factors would also explain the tree not being knocked down. The initial impact with the steel pole shattered and exploded the car, leaving not much weight/mass left to hit the tree.

  4. Also, the video says nothing about whether 911 was called. He could've done that before starting filming, or his buddy might have called. He also may have assumed the other people already walking around with phones on scene had called.

  5. Lina Bontá says:

    I wasn't aware of the earlier death notice (hoax) now that you brought this information forward I will be looking into this more now. But why would someone want to kill him?