Miley Cyrus: Quick ‘Gash-Flash’. Yes, You Get To See Her Crotch.

As if this WASN'T enough Miley flesh for one day

As if this WASN'T enough Miley flesh for one day

BREAKING!!! Miley Unveils Her Gash Again. Click Here To See It

I would never dream of suggesting that Christ may have had some part to play in this. I mean, sure, he has to move with the times, but the idea of him taking some time out from his hectic 3 day schedule of visiting his disciples, and curing world hunger, to ensure a few web pervs get a visual treat? Well, it just seems a little more far-fetched than John- 3:15, doesn’t it? Miley is one of those chicks. A little like the early 00’s pop-sensation Jo-Jo, you know it’s wrong, but you can’t help but think it’s ok, if you accidentally see a shot of her ‘unnecessaries’, provided you didn’t go out of your way to find it. It still remains the case, that one of the most popular articles on this site, is “Miley Cyrus’ Nipples Save The Day”,  and I have a feeling, this one is going to be just as, if not more, popular…

As I stand in my shower, gently soaping away the natural cheeses from my H-List celebrity bollocks, I’ve often wondered if there will ever be a scenario whereby I may ever get to see Miley’s baby-making equipment. I mean, it’s not like we hang out in the same places. We have different agents. I don’t have a former rock-star father. Yet, as I watch the white, foamy suds wash away down the hole, I never stop wondering, “what if?”

I, and you, need wonder no more. That day is here, friends. She’s done a ‘Britney’. I present to you, Miley’s ‘Meat-Purse’.

GOD BLESS whichever stylist advised her to head to her pilates class, and pack a change of clothing which amounts to nothing more than a sexy, slinky black dress, and NO UNDERWEAR!!! And in doing so, forcing her to reveal that Liam Hemsworth gets to do his horizontal-tango on a ‘Hardwood Floor’. God Bless you, anonymous stylist, and light of my life.

Make the most of it. The internet will likely arrest me for this.





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