Guess The Food Stuff


It’s time to play a fun game; Guess The Food Stuff.

Check out the below photo, which IS of an item of fast food delicacy, and tell me what you think it is.

I know it looks like a chunk of styrophone, but I can guarantee you’ve eaten this, or watched someone eat it at least once.

Best guess wins a piece of crap from my dust-covered prize cupboard.

Leave your answer in the comments section.

guess the food stuff

Neal Mayhem
By Neal Mayhem

4 Responses to Guess The Food Stuff

  1. Christine Rose Infanger says:

    I already know the answer so I don't feel it's fair to guess BUT I do think I should get a prize for being generally awesome and the lead cheerleader for Team Mayhem.

  2. Vicky 'Portia' Dover says:

    Looks like the rib things McDonalds used to sell.

  3. Lisa Ellis says:


  4. Rob Proud says:

    I dunno what the f**k this is but it's probably hurt my soul by it's mere existence!!

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